Did you know that 45% of work activities now can be automated, according to a PwC study. Or that, according to Gartner, more than a third of all data will be processed in the cloud this year? Are you helping your customers leverage these trends for business efficiencies and better results?

The demand for fast, secure information management keeps growing as organizations respond to changes in the workplace and changes in technology. More organizations are looking to benefit from cloud-based applications and storage. More of them also are interested in automated operations for the mailroom and billing.

Check out our updated Market Trends infographic for the latest data behind the rising demand. Using the information, you can 1) quickly identify the top trends impacting technology purchases, 2) better understand the sales opportunities for VARs like you and 3) get a glimpse of how the Digitech Systems product suite helps you meet these needs for your customers.

Download the Market Trends infographic to better understand the needs of your customers. Use the information to grow your sales.

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