Healthcare ECM

Sick of paperwork? Stressing over HIPAA? Put patient care first with PaperVision.

Take advantage of secure Any Document, Anywhere, Anytime access to patient records and office data.

  • Improve patient care with fast 24/7 access to complete medical histories.

  • Modernize office operations with automated workflows, e-forms, and digitization of old paper files.

  • Support your staff and recruit new hires by offering tools to do jobs more effectively and efficiently.

Learn about the specific benefits of Enterprise Content Management for your business, school or government agency by visiting our online The Right ECM Products for You page. Discover the many applications for fast, easy, secure information management tools. Save money, gain efficiency and comply with regulations using the right tools for your organization.

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Advocate Healthcare Case Study

How can your healthcare organization improve processes? Read this case study to learn how Advocate Health Care was able to eliminate paper file storage, streamline benefits calculations, and operate a lean benefits team thanks to the help of ImageSilo®.


Information Management and EHR Systems Sheet

In addition to patient data, healthcare providers also produce business records. Digitizing business records enables healthcare offices to automate processes and make better use of their electronic health record (EHR) system. Read this sheet to learn how intelligent information management systems help practices streamline efficiency; improve secure control of sensitive information, and save money.

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Healthcare Industry Brief

Sick of paperwork? Patient services lagging? It’s time for a digitization checkup! Read this industry brief to learn how Enterprise Content Management (ECM) products and services can help you provide better patient care and run a more cost-efficient business.

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Partners in Better Patient Care

Basic electronic health records (EHRs) are now common but they’re just the start of the digital transformation sweeping healthcare. Achieving your No. 1 goal of providing the best patient care requires the latest in technology. Read how Enterprise Content Management (ECM) works with existing EHR systems to give you a cost-effective way to manage Any Document, Anytime, Anywhere®, including converting old paper records into secure usable electronic files.


Healthcare Industry Trends Infographic

Every healthcare organization has the goal of providing the best care possible. The best way to ensure you are improving your patient care is by leveraging the latest advancements in healthcare technology. Don’t fall behind. Read this infographic to ensure you stay up-to-date on the latest healthcare industry trends.


Healthcare Infographic

What if your organization could implement one system and get rid of manual tasks? Thanks to Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software, such as ImageSilo® and PaperVision® Enterprise, healthcare providers can close the technology gap, securely protect patients data and save the entire organization money.