Are you able to easily collaborate on projects remotely?

With more people working from home than ever before, we’re learning some critical lessons about telework. Simple cloud storage services don't offer the security and version control needed to keep documents straight, and collaboration systems, while helpful for communications, are not designed to share and manage documents effectively either.

It's time to start considering a new way for teams to collaborate over shared documents. Invest in a cloud enterprise content management (ECM) service that recognizes the following benefits for your growing business:

Save money! Cloud services deliver 3.2 times the ROI than on-premise deployments, according to Nucleus Research.

Protect your documents with reliable and top-of-the-line security measures, both in transmission and at rest. 

Ensure the integrity of documents and see who does what, and when, with powerful version controls and check-in/check-out features.

Safeguard compliance with regulations and avoid costly fines with automatic security settings and document retention schedules.

Your remote work setup should include scanning and imaging, cloud ECM, and workflow technologies for a comprehensive document management system that fits your business needs now AND as you grow. Keep scrolling to learn why these are important components of any successful and effective document management solution.

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Imaging & Scanning

Convert paper-based documents into electronic files, which are easier to store, secure, and access remotely. 

  • Use desktop scanners to quickly and easily digitize documents from any location.
  • Create indexes automatically by matching data with an existing database or file, using barcode or OCR, or using Quick Click to simply click on words you need in the scanned document.

Cloud ECM

Easily organize and protect your information by uploading any number of documents in just a few steps.

  • Access your data from anywhere, anytime, using virtually any device.
  • Implement quickly and efficiently, since cloud services typically don't require installation.
  • Reduce business expenses by avoiding costly hardware, software, and IT personnel.


Automate and streamline the flow of documents through business processes, step by step.

  • Trigger work processes with digital files received via e-forms or email, and electronically notify employees of steps to complete regardless of where they're located.
  • Enable employees to complete reviews and other document tasks at any time of day and in any place.
  • Identify progress in any business process to eliminate bottlenecks and improve customer service.

Digitech Systems is Cloud ECM You Can Trust

Over the last twenty years, Digitech Systems has become well-known for securely managing sensitive information for thousands of companies, including the Fortune 500, in the cloud. With PaperVision®.com or ImageSilo®, you can start managing your documents in the cloud in no time.

Can Effective Remote Work Help Your Business?

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