Do dwindling budgets have your government agency looking for new ways to save?

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems such as ImageSilo® that are located in the cloud—require no initial investment and save you money on hardware, IT personnel, and software. Plus these systems can be setup in as little as a day!

  • Outsource data storage to ImageSilo to save money

  • Securely protect sensitive data to ensure compliance with federal regulations

  • Manage information electronically, introduce automation, and improve productivity

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Universal City, Texas Case Study

Universal City, Texas experiences improved efficiency with PaperVision® Enterprise.


San Antonio River Authority Case Study

San Antonio River Authority (SARA) is able to protect their documents from natural disaster, improve access to information and save money with PaperVision® Enterprise!


Dallas County Case Study

Dallas County moved to a paperless office with PaperVision® Enterprise and reclaimed office space.


C.F. Biggs Reseller Story

Partnering with Digitech Systems to resell the complete PaperVision® product suite has enabled C.F. Biggs expansive growth in the government sector, serving more than 60 entities in their home state.

Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice Brief

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems allow local, state and federal agencies to share information securely while reducing manual processes.

government Brief

Government Brief

Government agencies manage a multitude of records and can leverage Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems to maintain ironclad security while allowing open access.