CF Biggs LogoFor any organization, keeping operating costs as low as possible is a primary concern. This is especially true for government offices whose employees are paid with taxpayer dollars. Certain regulations provide the public the right to request access to records from any federal agency. Government offices must have records easily accessible and available in response to a request, meaning office staff is looking for solutions that will allow them to electronically store information and provides secure public access to necessary files. Offering a product suite that includes these abilities will allow your organization the ability to expand into the government industry, growing business and revenue.

Digitech Systems reseller, C.F. Biggs, offers document management and business process solutions to customers in Shreveport L.A. and has been a Digitech Systems partner since 2000. Being able to offer the complete Digitech Systems product suite to their customers has enabled them to build a business focused on serving government entities. Today, they serve more than 60 government offices and plan to add more to their clientele in the future.

C.F. Biggs’ leadership team credits the Digitech Systems product suite as a huge influence on the success of their business. The team is so familiar with the entire product suite that they can have customers implemented, trained, and operating in just a couple of days. The flexible solutions enable them to meet any customer need leading to more revenue for the organization.

"Nothing in the market touches what the Digitech Systems product suite offers. The product suite is the only one that really meets customer needs in a way that also creates a strong business opportunity for resellers."

– Paul Dabbs, V.P. Services, C.F. Biggs