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Get the Data You Need from Your Documents

What if you could identify and classify every form or document and extract all the data you need? The Forms Magic technology (FM technology) automatically classifies documents into types and extracts critical data to speed business processes and help you make better decisions.

How Might PaperVision Forms Magic Technology help you?

Integrate forms fully into your business processes by recognizing and classifying them automatically and extracting critical business data on the fly with Forms Magic! Watch this short animation to find out how you can utilize Forms Magic technology to get more EfficiencyNOW!, ControlNOW! and MoneyNOW!

“We couldn’t have automated this process without PaperVision Capture. The license agreements were too complex for ordinary OCR, so the AI engine in PaperVision Forms Magic was critical for us to recognize and extract the data that mattered to our client.”

- Troy Brown

Director, Innovation and Tools, Arvato

“In my 25 years of document management experience, PaperVision Forms Magic brings something that no other forms processing technology can mimic. It offers faster implementation and more accurate classification results than anything I’ve worked with. I believe it will revolutionize the industry.”

- Dave Clark

Director of Professional Services, Digitech Systems Professional Services

“PaperVision® Forms Magic technology has revolutionized our AP processes! We’ve been able to cut our invoice processing time by over 75%. We’re saving the organization money and improving relationships with our business partners. We love Forms Magic!”

- Jason Sojka

Network and Computer Systems Manager, MSI Mold Builders

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What if you could automatically classify every document and extract the data you need?

Using PaperVision Forms Magic, you can streamline document-centric processes across your organization.


PaperVision® Forms Magic Infographic

What if you could magically classify forms and extract the data you need?
The Forms Magic Technology automatically classifies documents into types and extracts critical data to speed business processes and help you make better decisions.

Why is Artificial Intelligence the Next Breakthrough?

Why is artificial intelligence the next breakthrough?
The AI market will grow from $202 million to more than $11 billion by 2024!

Case Studies

AI Helps Arvato Automate Critical Business Processes for Clients

Automation of business processes starts with access to digital information. How will you convert data currently trapped on paper documents?

Find out how the artificial intelligence engine in PaperVision Forms Magic is helping one of the world’s largest software solution providers to enable digitization for their customers.

NECS Strengthens Their Business with ECMNOW!

What to expand beyond just multi-functional device sales?
NECS united with ECMNOW! and have been able to steadily grow their business, leading them to new heights in their success!

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Document Imaging of the Southwest Grows Business with ECMNOW!

Do your clients want to improve processes and grow business?

Document Imaging of the Southwest was able to improve productivity and increase revenue by 50% with the ECMNOW! Suite!

Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 (SOX or Sarbox)

Does your accounts payable (AP) department struggle with Sarbanes-Oxley compliance?
The Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) of 2002 was designed to increase corporate responsibility by regulating the activities of auditing and accounting firms. The good news? ECMNOW! makes it easy to comply with SOX.


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