What if you could “magically” classify and extract the data you need?

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How would your organization improve if you could classify and extract critical data from complex documents? Streamline operations by automating manual processes to improve efficiency across the entire enterprise with PaperVision Forms Magic Technology.

What Problems can PaperVision Forms Magic Solve?

Leverage Artificial Intelligence

Looking to avoid lengthy setup processes that involve programmers manually importing and setting up forms? Leverage the powerful AI engine that sets up forms in minutes. It learns by ingesting forms and develops its own patterns for classification to eliminate hand sorting and manual data entry.

Eliminate Manual Tasks

Are you still manually hand-keying document information? Automatically classify and extract document information and eliminate manual data entry. Data fields can be populated using the powerful AI engine. Extract the critical business information from your documents to streamline organizational processes across the enterprise.

Inform Business Processes

What if you could integrate the data processed by Forms Magic with every part of your organization? The data captured can be exported and sent to electronic workflows and line-of-business applications to improve decision making throughout the entire enterprise.

Classify Complex Documents

Do you have complex documents? Forms Magic can process virtually any document. The technology uses multiple data points to make classification decisions, including spatial layout and algorithmic analytics to ensure the accuracy of even the most complicated documents.

Integrate Seamlessly

PaperVision Forms Magic is an optional addition to PaperVision Capture. Designed as a fully integrated component, it is highly customizable and brings powerful document recognition and classification to your organization. Export directly to PaperVision Enterprise, ImageSilo or any other Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system.

Protect Sensitive Data

Do you work with sensitive content? The integration with PaperVision Capture allows you to convert vulnerable paper records into electronic files that are protected by user login, encryption, and multiple layers of system security. Workers only see the information they need to finish the task at hand, ensuring private information is safe from prying eyes.

Forms Magic is Automation Technology You Can Trust


Product Information

Explore the different specifications offered by PaperVision Forms Magic Technology by downloading the product sheet below.