What if Automating Processes Could Save Your Organization More than $3 Million Annually?

What if Intelligent Automation Could Help you
Save More than $3 Million Annually?

How would your organization benefit by eliminating manual data entry? Streamline processes by introducing advanced technological capabilities to your organization’s current business processes. Leverage the capabilities to identify patterns and document types to automate tasks such as reading and extracting information from complex documents like contracts. See how our client, Arvato, leveraged our PaperVision® Forms Magic Technology to save their customer $3 million a year.

When Arvato was asked by a large IT/High-Tech company to streamline and simplify licensing, they were overwhelmed by information trapped in paper contracts. Each agreement was printed and passed around the office through a series of manual processes. In order to meet the needs of their clients, they needed a solution that could “read” the contract for them.

Troy Brown, Director of Innovation and Tools for Arvato said, “We couldn’t have automated this process without PaperVision® Capture. The license agreements were too complex for ordinary OCR, so the AI engine in Forms Magic was critical for us to recognize and extract the data that mattered to our client.”

How can implementing advanced recognition technology into your processes benefit your business?

  • Reduce processing times by automating manual tasks, saving hours of staff productivity a day.
  • Eliminate the human error caused by manual data entry with automatic data extraction, improving the security of your data.
  • Save your organization millions of dollars annually in operating costs by completing projects faster with automated processes.
  • Seamlessly implement automation capabilities into your existing processes with easy-to-use technology.

Read this case study to learn how your organization can save millions of dollars a year by automating processes.

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