Records Retention & Compliance

What if you could create a comprehensive records management policy with one simple system?

In today's complex business environment, managing records with processes that are consistent, repeatable, and auditable are crucial to the success of any organization. Without an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system and a formal records retention policy, organizations can face legal ramifications that may result in million dollar fines and executives can be held personally responsible.

  • Avoid noncompliance fines and save money

  • Automate records retention and destruction policies to simplify storage policies

  • Protect sensitive data to comply with federal regulations

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Can Records Management Help Your Business?

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Intelligent Capture is Essential to Automation, Infographic. – Medium

Is your organization looking to streamline processes and eliminate time-consuming, manual tasks? Automating business processes improves efficiency and saves organizations money. However, before you can automate the flow of data, you must first effectively capture or digitize data. Essentially, you can’t automate processes if you can’t capture information. Our CEO, HK Bain, shares insights into how businesses can intelligently capture information allowing them to automate processes, and why it’s important for organizations to take the time to establish an effective data capture strategy.


7 Reasons to Consider Cloud

Have you adopted cloud into your business strategy? We’ve been in the cloud biz since 1999, and even though a lot has changed over the years, we’ve learned a few lessons along the way. Read this blog post for 7 reasons you should consider the cloud to optimize your information management strategy.


What Are the Different Types of Business Records? – Medium

Businesses today manage a large amount of and many different types of records. Managing this many records without a plan in place can lead to information chaos within your organization. This is why a records management program with processes that are consistent, repeatable, and easily auditable is crucial to the success of any business. Not having a solid records retention policy in place can lead to costly fines. Our CEO, HK Bain, shares insights into the different types of business records and why it’s important for organizations to take the time to establish an effective records management policy.


Cloud Infographic

The cloud provides a simple way for companies to run their business remotely. Learn how the cloud can help your business ensure efficient document management from anywhere, anytime.


PaperVision® Enterprise Infographic

A single simple, searchable Enterprise Content Management system to increase productivity with secure access to information in order to make critical decisions and generate results from anywhere.

Check 21

Check Clearing for the 21st Century Act (Check 21) Compliance Brief

Implement Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions to enable accurate check scanning, automated processing, and a centralized information system to maintain compliance with Check 21.