Are You in The Cloud?

Organizations that have not moved over to the cloud and are still storing their files locally are losing money on operational expenses and in labor. At the volume and momentum data is being generated has overwhelmed the capacity of infrastructure and analytics we have today. On-premise storage can cause business limitations in scalability, costly IT and operational expenses, and may not provide the level of security to be compliant. Moving to the cloud is a huge leap into the technological advancements of today.

Initially looking at the scope of transferring to the cloud is what concerns many organizations with lengthy file transport times, IT costs, and document security. Instead of developing, maintaining and running content management applications themselves, businesses access everything through the internet. Cloud provides a simple way for companies to run their business. According to Skyhigh, businesses that operate in the cloud grow almost 20% faster than those that don't.

ImageSilo®, a cloud-based Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution allows organizations to manage documents electronically, ensuring the documents are instantly searchable, secure, and that retention schedules are kept, all while saving time and money. With cloud services delivering 3.2 times the ROI of on-premise solutions, what are you waiting for?

For further convincing check out this cloud infographic.