Start Scanning Immediately


What if you could scan your paper files right from your desk? Being able to turn documents into usable, searchable files right from your desktop can save your business time and money.

PaperFlow can scan paper into electronic files that can be used with other applications to maximize office productivity.

What Problems can PaperFlow Solve?

Scan Everything

Is there too much paper in your office? Scan paper documents right from your workstation and avoid the hassle of managing paper files. PaperFlow works with virtually any scanner to convert paper documents to electronic files. Implement PaperFlow NOW! to start scanning and saving documents as PDF or image files immediately.

Eliminate Manual Tasks

Want to get started right away? Use the Job Setup Wizard to get up and running today. Eliminate manual data entry by automatically inserting index values from barcodes and OCR values. You can use the Quick Click tool to click on data in a document to populate or change the index field values. You can also merge data with other data sources using the Match and Merge tool.

Clean Up Your Information

Do you have hard to read files? PaperFlow can clean up most any document, turning it into a high-quality usable file. You can preview image processing results in real-time, making image cleanup a breeze, using the built-in image processing filters such as deskew and despeckle.

Protect Sensitive Data

Are your paper files safe from theft, loss or natural disaster? With electronic files, you can make sure your sensitive business data is always protected in password-protected files. The document history option can track who accessed the document and when for complete audit tracking.

Monitor and Improve Processes

Do you need to keep track of your documents? Use the summary report to see a real-time overview of processes. Or you can setup custom reports to track the productivity of jobs, batches or users.

Integrate Seamlessly

Do you need a system that works with your existing applications? Now you can directly export your files into existing ImageSilo or PaperVision Enterprise projects. You can also leverage custom code to export scanned images into virtually any LOB application.

PaperFlow is a Scanning Application You Can Trust


Product Information

Explore the different specifications offered by PaperFlow by downloading the product sheet below.