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Bring Information to Life

How much time and money would better information management save your business?® provides all the power of the world’s best information management and task automation in an easy-to-setup, easy-to-use product that offers you the ability to customize available features and pay only for what you actually use.

What Problems can Solve?

Recognize Faster ROI Because is Easy to Use integrates content management directly into your Windows® file system environment for easy organization and straightforward search. The easy-to-use platform speeds user adoption leading to faster Return on your Investment (ROI). Even the views are customizable allowing individual users to more quickly access important information. You can also directly import scanned documents from PaperVision® Capture, so all your business records are in one place.

Do More than Just Manage Information

The platform offers more than smart information management. Once ingested, data can be extracted from documents and sent to other business applications. You can use Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to automate a huge array of routine business tasks. will even deliver information to where it’s needed for smart decision-making across your organization.

Pay Only for What You Use

Did you know as much as 80% of the features in the average software product are rarely or never used?1 Yet traditional technology billing forces all users into the same license fees or cloud services tiers. revolutionizes the way companies buy technology using a microservices architecture that allows features to be turned off when not needed to save money. In addition, microtransactions-based billing on select services exactly matches your cost to how much you use the capability.

Gain More Flexibility and Scalability to Meet Changing Needs is designed to help organizations flexibly meet changing needs in today’s dynamic business environment. Not only can you customize capabilities to match evolving business needs, but also dynamically scales to process even the biggest jobs as quickly as needed.

Safeguard Documents and Data with End-to-End Security

You’ll love the flexibility and detailed nature of the data security controls available in Suitable for even the most sophisticated regulatory environments, administrators can control access to information by user or group, and even limit what each person can do with the information according to their job tasks. Activity logs, audit trails, encryption, multi-factor authentication, and more ensure your cyber security.

Enable Flexible Work and Save Money with Cloud Services

Trade expensive capital hardware and software licenses for an easy-to-pay monthly operating expense. Simplify technology maintenance, because updates and new features are automatically available. Seamlessly enable employees to work and collaborate anywhere as needed.


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