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Emerging trend in tech comes with evolving terminology

Gain a better understanding of the emerging technology trends of microservices and microtransactions-based billing with this list of terms and descriptions.

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Microservices enable you to choose individual features that meet your specific needs. You can save money and increase your return on investment by purchasing technology that strikes a reasonable balance between price and performance.

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Measuring ROI has become an important metric for organizations looking to justify their technology purchases and optimize their organizational efficiency. Read-on to learn more about return on investment with information management systems.

Gain a better understanding of microservices and microtransactions-based billing and how they are impacting the way information management services are developed, sold and purchased.

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How can automating routine information management tasks benefit your organization? Learn about robotic process automation (RPA) and Digitech Systems’ latest advances that include microservices-based RPA that results in big savings.

Welcome to the first installment of ‘Two Question Tuesday’ with Bryant Duhon of Infosource! This episode of Two Question Tuesday features Digitech Systems’ own Christina Robbins, who speaks on the topic of microservices.