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Need a more efficient way to locate your important information? Move into the cloud with ImageSilo, the world’s most-trusted cloud ECM!

How Might ImageSilo Help you?

If your documents take too long to find and are sometimes at risk of being lost or damaged, watch this animation to learn how you can utilize ImageSilo to get EfficiencyNOW!, ControlNOW! and MoneyNOW!

“The price point was very attractive, especially for a non-profit organization. There were also no hardware acquisition costs. But the largest savings come in the efficiencies we've gained. With ImageSilo, we don’t have to request charts or read them on paper anymore. My staff just types in a client name & it’s instantly right in front of them!”

- Mike Kongsjord

Director of Information Security & Technology, HDC

“Now that we have ImageSilo, we log in and it’s just simple. We don’t spend any time in the file room anymore. Using ImageSilo definitely equates to more productivity for our employees.”

- Aaron Baltisberger

VP of Commercial Lending, Two Rivers Financial Group, Inc.

"Before ImageSilo, there wasn’t really a great security measure for people that weren’t authorized to get into those files. They could get in if they wanted to. Our examiners didn’t like when people had access to files that they shouldn’t have access to. For example, a teller shouldn’t be looking at a loan file. Today, that doesn’t happen."

- Gary Brown

Community Choice Credit Union

"Since implementation, our accounts payable employees have experienced a 30% productivity gain by adding more leases without hiring additional staff, saving us $75,000 each year."

- Phil Akason

Terrus Real Estate

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Letter from our Chairman

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You have probably noticed that we are consuming technology in different ways than ever before. Our Chairman and Founder, Scott Matthews, offers his perspective on the critical revolution affecting cloud technologies such as ImageSilo®.

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What if you could securely access all of your documents from anywhere, anytime?

ImageSilo® gives you the freedom of 24/7 access, without additional investment in hardware, software, or IT personnel.


How do you access your information?

What is Mobile ECM?

Mobile ECM provides businesses with the ability to capture, manage, sore and securely access any information anywhere, anytime on virtually any device.

Are your prospects doing business on their mobile devices?

Why do businesses need to be mobile?

Increase efficiency with access from virtually any device, anytime. Improve mobile control via extensive security settings. Save money by streamlining business processes.

Case Studies

Wray Hospital and Clinic Improved Customer Service with ImageSilo®

Are long retrieval times of patient documents affecting your customer service?
Wray Hospital and Clinic increased productivity with instant access to their files while also enhancing compliance with federal regulations and saving money by utilizing ImageSilo!

AIG Gains 4,000 Hours of Productivity with PaperVision® Enterprise

What if you could see a return on investment in less than 2 months AND save hundreds of thousands of dollars?

With PaperVision® Enterprise and ImageSilo®, AIG saw an 879% ROI in 1.3 months and will reach an annual benefit of $435,687!

Additional Resources

Mobile ECM

Can you securely access business files on your mobile device?

Integrating a cloud-based Enterprise Content Management (ECM) service, like ImageSilo®, can help you get moving on your mobile device.

Document Imaging of the Southwest Grows Business with ECMNOW!

Do your clients want to improve processes and grow business?

Document Imaging of the Southwest was able to improve productivity and increase revenue by 50% with the ECMNOW! Suite!


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