Securely Store and Access Your Data in the Cloud


As IT costs rise, many organizations are moving information onto cloud storage platforms, but simple file storage does not adequately organize or protect information, complicating retrieval and compliance.

ImageSilo offers sophisticated organization to improve organizational efficiencies while maintaining very complex security requirements. Best of all, as a cloud service, ImageSilo lowers the overall cost of managing information.

What Problems can ImageSilo Solve?

Trust THE Industry Leader

Thousands of organizations trust ImageSilo to manage their critical corporate content. Launched in 1999, it was the first cloud content management service available and is recognized as the industry-leading service today ImageSilo offers unparalleled reliability, boasting an uptime of more than 99.9% throughout its twenty-year history.

Intelligently Locate Information

Powerful search allows users to locate virtually any information within seconds, saving countless hours of productivity. Rest assured that you are working on the most current version of a document because powerful check-in/check-out and versioning controls manage content. Access virtually any type of file, including images, Microsoft® Office files, and PDFs within a single system for easy management.

Protect Sensitive Data

To ensure users have access to only what they need, ImageSilo has multiple layers of security, including transmission, system, data, and application security. Administrators can lock down private data in compliance with a wide variety of regulations, and automated document retention and destruction policies simplify records storage. Encryption further protects data both during transmission and when stored.

Integrate Seamlessly

Working effortlessly with Microsoft Office, users can upload files directly and control document versions using tool-bars and menus. Sending documents to other systems is as easy as a point-and-click integration module or utilizing the custom APIs. You won’t have to leave your line-of-business application to store and retrieve critical data, streamlining business processes and saving operational costs.

Enjoy Economic Freedom with Cloud

As a cloud-based service, ImageSilo changes the economics of content management. The service allows you to minimize IT burden by outsourcing hardware, software and maintenance costs. No capital expenditure means a tax-deductible operating expense. Plus, unlimited users and data storage means the system automatically adapts as your organization grows.

Increase Reliability

As a cloud service, ImageSilo improves your ability to protect corporate records from disaster. All data is securely backed up, and organizations have the ability to access information from any location using virtually any device. In the event of a disaster, your business can continue operations as soon as you are ready.

ImageSilo is a Cloud Service You Can Trust


Product Information

Explore the different specifications offered by ImageSilo by downloading the product sheet below.


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