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Leverage our patented Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine to recognize and sort just about any type of data you work with.

  • Automate student records and standard business document processing

  • Ensure student records are held in compliance with FERPA

  • Eliminate hardware and IT costs

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Real Property Management Vancouver (RPMV) – Video

What if you could transform the way you process procurement contracts? Watch this video to see how Cooperative Educational Services (CES) were able to easily digitize their processes to offer clients and vendors a fully eProcurement experience, speeding member service and improving information accuracy.


Real Property Management Vancouver (RPMV) Case Study

Learn why Real Property Management Vancouver (RPMV), decided to switch from costly paper processes, to entirely digital and automated processes from the start. RPMV was able to change to an entirely digital process by digitizing their documents with the PaperVision® product suite. Moving to digital processes helped RPMV improve customer satisfaction and enable a remote work setup overnight. Read the case study to learn more.


Cooperative Education Services (CES) Case Study

Learn how Cooperative Educational Services (CES), a procurement agency in New Mexico, was able to transform the way they process the procurement contracts they receive. Digitizing their processes with ImageSilo® and automating processes with PaperVision® Enterprise WorkFlow, has allowed CES to offer clients and vendors a fully eProcurement experience, speeding member service and improving information accuracy.

Messy office environment, archives

Paul Mitchell Schools Ohio Case Study

After stressing over lengthy document retrieval times and unorganized file storage, the Paul Mitchell Schools in Ohio migrated their digital files from a CD system to ImageSilo®. See how they saved money and time with a secure student records management system in the cloud!


Imagetek Reseller Story

Imagetek was able to shorten sales cycles as well as expand their customer base and increase their recurring revenue with the Digitech Systems product suite.


Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) Compliance Brief

ECM solutions can be leveraged to ensure compliance with FERPA regulations, simplify records management, and improve the productivity of the entire office.