Suny BroomeThe student admissions process for many educational institutions is still managed on paper today, which can be cumbersome, time-consuming, and error-prone. Not to mention, processing paper transcripts and applications can potentially leave sensitive student data at risk of being misplaced or even stolen. This not only compromises the student but also the institution of being incompliant with federal regulations that require the protection of sensitive information, such as the Federal Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

SUNY Broome Community College in New York was no exception. Their admissions department was handling transcripts on paper, which was slow, inefficient, and leaving student information vulnerable.

“Everywhere you looked there were massive piles of manila envelopes,” said Elisabeth Costanzo Stewart, now the Director of Admissions. “Everyone was so busy chasing paper, it made the admissions process painfully slow.”

With over 7,000 students enrolled and over 50,000 alumni, they had to find a solution that allowed them to quickly retrieve and distribute student information while also staying in compliance with federal regulations.

Suny Broome found their solution with Paper Alternative Solutions, Inc, a Digitech Systems reseller, by implementing ImageSilo, which allowed them to digitize student transcripts, speed up the admissions process, and eliminate their paper clutter for good. Student records can now be securely accessed and distributed anywhere, anytime. Plus, since paper processes have been eliminated, the admissions department can now focus their time on providing a better experience to current and prospective students.