SUNY Broome’s Admissions Office Moves to the Head of the Class with ImageSilo®


SUNY Broome Community College

Digitech Systems Reseller

Paper Alternative Solutions, Inc.


Paper admissions process slowed enrollment and limited revenue



Recognized Benefit

Eliminated paper, protected all documents from disaster, grew enrollment by 20% resulting in increased revenue

When Elisabeth Costanzo Stewart, now the Director of Admissions, came on board at SUNY Broome Community College, she quickly realized the admissions department was buried in paper. “Everywhere you looked there were massive piles of manila envelopes,” said Stewart. “Everyone was so busy chasing paper, it made the admission process painfully slow.”

After implementing ImageSilo in the admissions department, SUNY Broome has increased student acceptance by 10% on average.


  • Transcripts can be located in minutes instead of days
  • All documents are 100% compliant with FERPA
  • Grew student acceptance by 10% on average resulting in increased revenue
The Situation

For over seventy years, SUNY Broome Community College has been one of New York’s most comprehensive community colleges, offering its students ever-expanding degree opportunities. They are dedicated to fostering an environment that exemplifies their institutional goals. Currently, over 7,000 students are enrolled, and they have 50,000+ alumni.

The admissions department manages student transcripts, which are the record of a student’s life—from admissions to graduation. For years, the student admission process was cumbersome, time-consuming, and created endless paper clutter. Managing paper transcripts meant the admission department had to review and process paper applications manually. Stewart said, “As you can imagine, no one could find anything, and we were always busy looking for missing files.”

Once a student was enrolled, the admissions department would make multiple copies for the registrar, guidance counselors, and every faculty member that worked with the students. Copies of the transcripts were being delivered via interoffice mail—which was slow and inefficient. Often records would simply go missing as records were left unattended. Stewart said, “Think about buckets and buckets of large manila envelopes just sitting in piles. Anyone who walked by could just grab an envelope and walk off. Inevitability, if ten people on campus needed to see the record, you would have to manually make copies and hope everything got delivered with all its pieces. Almost always you got a phone call because something was missing, so then you would have to do it all over again. The students and other departments were constantly complaining about us.”

Student transcripts need to comply with the federal regulation known as the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). This federal law regulates how student educational records are protected, shared, and secured. Digitizing these records would assist with the security of such sensitive information.

Thus, it became apparent how eliminating paper in the admissions department would save time, ensure compliance, and most importantly—improve the customer service experience for the students, staff and other facility members.

The Solution

SUNY Broome worked with Paper Alternative Solutions, Inc., a Digitech Systems reseller, to digitize student transcripts. They wanted a system that would allow them to make the admissions
processes easier. They chose ImageSilo because it would allow any faculty member, guidance counselor or registrar access to transcripts anywhere, anytime, campus-wide. Paper Alternative
Solutions, Inc. handled the scanning of all paper transcripts and established an automated digital system for them to use moving forward.

“ImageSilo allows us to function like a proper admissions office and it shows—our enrollment is up 10% on average! We spend less time managing paper and more time doing our real jobs.”

– Elisabeth Costanzo Stewart, Director of Admissions

Today, student admission is handled 100% online thanks to ImageSilo. Transcripts can be submitted via SUNY Broome’s web portal or even via email.

Instead of the admissions department spending half their time looking for or sending transcripts, anyone with access to ImageSilo can locate the transcripts in seconds or minutes instead of relying solely on one point of contact. The admissions office can now focus on encouraging, mentoring, and guiding students through the enrollment process. Students fill out their application online and can be admitted in less than 48 hours. Stewart said, “ImageSilo has really strengthened the relationships between departments. Instead of waiting days for interoffice mail, transcripts can be securely accessed in real-time, by any department, when they need them.”

SUNY Broome also has better control of information. With paper transcripts, there is always the fear of student records being compromised, but ImageSilo ensures there is no unauthorized access and that the records can be maintained and disclosed in compliance with FERPA regulations. In addition, because all transcripts have been converted to an electronic format, they are now 100% protected from loss, theft or natural disaster.

Certainly, the most measurable benefit SUNY Broome has seen from the implementation is the money savings. With the 10% increase in student acceptance on average, the college has achieved more tuition revenue with no additional employee costs. Stewart credits the savings with allowing the admissions department to grow. “It’s like having a new team of 100 admissions employees for the price of one. We have been able to hire more staff to improve the effectiveness of our enrollment process. Before ImageSilo that would have never been possible.”

They’ve also noticed that the admissions department has improved their reputation on campus. “We used to get a lot of complaints. But now we aren’t the office always letting the students down. Which is one less thing for them to worry about during an already tedious time,” said Stewart. “It’s been really nice—for everyone involved.”

About Paper Alternative Solutions, Inc.

Paper Alternative provides full service Business Processing Services (BPS) and document management services. They are a New York State Certified Woman Owned Business Enterprise (WBE), employing over 100 staff and processing over 150,000 images per day. They specialize in implementing electronic workflows, e-forms, web portals, and electronic document management systems. Their staff has over 50 years combined experience in the document management and BPS industry. Their consultative approach to your company’s document management and business processes takes into account the uniqueness of your business model, allowing them to tailor customized solutions to meet the needs of your business. Their goal is not to change the way you do business, but to give you the tools to do your business better. To learn more, visit or call Craig Maye at 607.222.1057.

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