What if You Could Reduce Operational Expenses?

Schools, universities and other higher education institutions are one of the largest consumers of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems because they are trying to do more with less money. In fact, there are over 140,000 educational institutions in the U.S. alone. Implementing an ECM system is an easy way for them to securely protect records and improve office productivity.

What if you implement one system and get up and running fast? Cloud-based records management systems like ImageSilo® are designed to do just that. Setup in hours versus days and eliminate IT and hardware costs. Additionally, productivity can be instantly improved with automation is introduced. Reduce operating costs all around so you can get back to the business of educating students.

Improve your understanding of how moving to the cloud can benefit the entire organization with this easy-to-read two-page industry brief that is designed to help you understand the specific technology you need to streamline your document management processes.

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