Are Your Digital Files Saved to a Secure and Organized Records Management System?

The Paul Mitchell Schools of Cosmetology in Cleveland and Columbus, Ohio, are two of the 100 renowned schools worldwide. They manage and store all student records to comply with necessary accreditation standards, and this case study tells their records management story. Each Paul Mitchell student record includes up to 150 pages, which were sent out to be scanned annually and returned on CDs that could be loaded to an internal server. There was no indexing structure for these CD files, so document retrieval took hours. Their records management and storage system needed to be upgraded.

With the help of Digitech Systems reseller Vital Records Control, ImageSilo® was implemented to store and manage all student records for the Paul Mitchell Schools in Ohio. Once Tammy Marinis, Director of Compliance for the Paul Mitchell School of Cosmetology in Cleveland, migrated all digital files to ImageSilo, she noticed massive benefits immediately. She specifically noted that any organization in the post-secondary private school sector can benefit from ImageSilo’s efficiency, accessibility, and profitability. This case study highlights those benefits including:

  • Reduced office supplies cost and eliminated the need to print files
  • Minimized information retrieval times to an unbelievable speed
  • Accelerated implementation times and training

Want to learn more about ImageSilo’s efficient cloud-based records management? Are you a part of the post-secondary private school sector and interested in this solution? Learn more about Ohio’s Paul Mitchell School story, and the specific benefits that ImageSilo brought to their organization—Download and check out their case study!

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