Many organizations still store their files locally with no way to access them outside of the office. This can slow productivity for the entire organization. Transitioning to a cloud Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system is no longer an optional component to your business strategy, but a necessity in order to stay relevant in today’s market.

Cloud ECM provides an alternative way for companies to run their business. Instead of developing, maintaining, and running content management applications themselves, organizations simply access everything they need through the internet. Cloud services free up IT departments from managing growing amounts of data with scalable and maintenance-free “rented” solutions that allow you to only pay for what your organization needs. According to Nucleus Research, cloud services delivers 3.2 times the ROI of on-premise solutions, so what are you waiting for?

ImageSilo® allows organizations to manage documents electronically, ensuring the documents are instantly searchable, secure, and that retention schedules are kept, all while saving time and money. It was the first cloud offering in the ECM marketplace and is now hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) which provides for our customer’s unparalleled data reliability and scalability. You can also rest assured your organization’s data is protected with ImageSilo’s five layers of security, along with encryption while your data is in transmission or at rest.

Take a closer look at how cloud services can transform your business with our cloud services brief below!