Many government offices are still using paper to process and store records. Paper processes are not only painful for staff members, but for the individuals requesting information as well. Responses to information requests often take twice as long as they should. Many government offices are making the switch to a digital office where records are managed electronically, enabling processes and customer service to improve.

Dallas County, IA is a busy government office that houses many different departments. Since so many departments share the building, office space is extremely limited. Not only were records taking up valuable office space, but sharing records across departments was also a difficult and time-consuming task. Staff would receive a request, and then have to physically retrieve the record and walk it over to the department that requested the document. Staff knew there had to be a way to improve their processes.

Dallas County found their solution through Digitech Systems Reseller, Imagetek. They chose PaperVision® Enterprise, an on-premise record storage system because it was easy for them to implement and manage in-house. Now, when the staff gets a request for information, they can respond instantly. Automating their processes has allowed staff to regain thousands of productivity hours and convert old storage rooms into usable office space. 

Learn more about the benefits of ECM in this Dallas County case study.

"PaperVision Enterprise makes going paperless easy. Now county staff is able to access and share documents as needed, instantly."

– Todd Noah, Information Services Director, Dallas County, IA