Is paperwork taking valuable time away from patients? Nearly one out of three primary care doctors spend 20 hours or more a week on paperwork, according to a 2018 Medscape survey. 1 Adding to the heavy load, a record amount of patient information and other data is flowing in and out of healthcare organizations. A growing share is digitized but much is still stashed away on paper. Meanwhile, HIPAA and other laws are leading to broader enforcement actions on information management. In 2020, most penalties were not related to patient privacy. They dealt with a patient's right to quickly access their health records, according to HIPAA Journal 2

Given the challenges, the value of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) products has never been greater.

Healthcare providers who want to thrive “must be willing to invest in optimizing or replacing foundational structures, technologies, and workforce processes,” business adviser Deloitte says. 3 PaperVision® products close the technology gap for providers of any size. They are cost-effective, flexible tools to securely collect, organize and manage Any Document, Anywhere, Anytime.® Easy to use from even a smartphone, they improve record accuracy and streamline document management. Setup is easy with workflow tasks pre-configured for your needs. The products also come with Digitech Systems’ legendary technical support featuring immediate phone or online help from a US-based technical support engineer.

“Our old paper intake process was difficult for our patients. Now with ImageSilo®, they only have to intake paperwork once. After that, we can pull up their records instantly, which allows us to provide better care much more quickly,” says Jocelyn Scott, director of medical records at Netcare Access.

What if you could reduce the time you and your staff spend managing records? What are the specific tools needed to improve your records management? Learn more about the benefits of ECM products from this two-page industry brief.

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