For most hospitals, providing the best quality of patient care is their number one priority. However, many still process patient records on paper, which can be a time-consuming task that leaves confidential information at risk. Electronically managing patient files can drastically improve processes and patient care for hospitals. Woodstock Hospital’s Director of Health Records and current CFO, knew that managing patient files electronically would drastically improve patient care for the hospital.

This case study video highlights the hospital’s success after implementing a more efficient records management solution with the help of Digitech Systems’ reseller, Polar Imaging, Inc. By managing files electronically, they have been able to:

  • Save close to half a million dollars each year in staffing, offsite scanning, and office supply costs
  • Reduce Records Department staff to less than half, leading to tremendous savings
  • Increase efficiency throughout the hospital, which reduced patient wait times

Watch this video to learn about all the benefits they have gained!

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