For most hospitals, improving the quality of patient care is their number one priority. However, many medical centers still process patient records on paper, which can be a time-consuming task that leaves confidential information at risk. In addition, recent government regulations mandate that all medical records must be stored in an Electronic Health Record (EHR) system. See how Netcare Access was able to save time and money by going digital.

Netcare Access is a mental health and substance abuse crisis facility that assists more than 10,000 patients every year and they were using a paper-based intake process. “Clients would get upset because they had to complete intake paperwork more than once,” said Jocelyn Scott, Director of Medical Records. They needed to find a solution that allowed them to digitize intake packets so that subsequent patient visits resulted in immediate access to care. As a healthcare facility, they also had special concerns about protecting private health information (PHI) in compliance with federal regulations.

Netcare worked with Fireproof Records Center, a Digitech Systems reseller, to digitize their patient records. Today, the facility securely stores about 1 TB of patient records safely in the cloud and all patient files are digital. This has allowed them to reduce the patient intake process, securely store all records and save money.

Check out this case study to see what other benefits they gained.