ARK Managed Professional Services (MPS) specialized in multi-functional hardware sales but soon realized that enterprise client needs started to change as technology advanced. In order to stay competitive they needed to start offering state-of-the-art services to prospective customers in the advancing market. After learning that they could scale the PaperVision® product suite to fit any business need, ARK MPS knew the change from selling only hardware to becoming a complete solution provider would be easier and more beneficial than they ever imagined.

In this case study, Dave Katusa – Owner of ARK MPS – describes how offering the complete PaperVision product suite that includes, PaperVision® Enterprise, PaperVision® Enterprise WorkFlow, PaperVision® Capture, PaperFlow™, and ImageSilo®, enabled him to evolve his business by providing his clients with industry leading content management solutions, in addition to their existing print service offerings. By adding a complete content management solution Katusa is confident that his business is set to adapt with the growing needs of his customers. To learn more about how ARK MPS uses PaperVision to meet any client need, check out their case study that explains:

  • How much PaperVision has shortened ARK MPS’s sales cycles from a few months, to 30 days
  • How ARK MPS is able to meet the automation needs in the accounts payable (AP) industry
  • How providing a comprehensive, flexible product suite allows clients to scale the solution to meet any enterprise need

Would you like to reach your business goals by providing clients a complete product suite like ARK MPS did? Download and read their story to learn how offering a complete product suite from one vendor will help you grow your business.

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