700,000 new threats to information are identified every day and that is just the reported ones. Truth is, hackers are becoming more and more capable of breaking through traditional cyber-security systems. It doesn’t matter if your organization is a small business or giant corporation, if you do not have the right security measures in place, your data is at risk. In todays’ world, any computer connected to the internet is vulnerable, no one is immune. Data becomes more vulnerable when being transferred over an open internet connection instead of a secure intranet which is why data security when working remote is crucial. If your business offers remote work to your employees, you want to make sure you have the right data security in place.

"When employees work side-by-side in an office, everything they do is protected by network security settings. It can’t be hacked as simply as data that crosses public internet services on its way between workers at distributed home offices.”

- Christina Robbins, Digitech Systems, LLC

Thankfully, the features needed for secure telework exist. The best way to protect your organization from a cyber-attack is by having a prevention plan in place. Enterprise Content Management (ECM) technologies have been helping organizations manage their information and enabling secure collaboration for decades, so now is a great time to turn to these tried-and-true technologies. Most ECM systems include the ability to store a wide variety of file types with a structure and organization that allows users to securely access information from any location and device using a simple keyword search. ECM systems not only help companies with cybersecurity, they also have the capabilities to help with compliance.

By reading through this infographic will help you:

  • Why the need for secure telework is more crucial now, then ever before.
  • Learn what features you need for secure telework.
  • Discover how to find the features you need for secure telework.

Don’t leave your data at risk. Download this infographic to make sure your systems have the features you need for secure telework.

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