Global Workplace analytics states that 43% of working adults are working at home at least part-time, and that number is quickly growing as working from home becomes a norm in the business world. IT leaders are looking to purchase technologies that help their remote and home-based employees securely collaborate to get the job done anywhere they’re working. 

“As IT leaders plan a long-term remote work strategy, support for work collaboration beyond videoconferencing, including professional grade content sharing and collaboration are key.”

- Rebecca Wettemann, Valoir

Simple cloud storage services don’t offer the security and version control organizations need to effectively manage information from anywhere, at anytime, on virtually any device. Effective remote work and collaboration may make all the difference to the success of a business. Businesses need a product that enables their teams to effectively, and securely, collaborate with business documents remotely. This telework infographic will help you:

  • Understand why businesses are looking for telework capabilities.
  • Learn what technology is needed for effective telework.
  • See how the PaperVision® product suite will help you meet the telework needs of your customers.

“82% of organizations want to offer remote work to their employees.”

– Business2Community, 2020

What are you waiting for? Download this infographic today to learn about this exciting opportunity to grow your business and increase revenue.

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