Many companies endured hardship in trying to renovate their work systems to fit a post-COVID, online landscape. This article from our CEO, HK Bain, explains why the transition to online proved to be so challenging for companies of all sizes. He explains three digital advancements that can help companies combat ongoing and future work-from-anywhere challenges. We specifically take a look into how these technologies can be critical aids for startup companies.

Are you meeting your customers where they are at today or relying on old sales techniques to try to hit revenue targets in this challenging marketplace?

This fascinating article offers life experience and tips from business leaders on how to adjust your business as customer behaviors shift.

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Worried about a recession?

You’re not alone! Many imaging businesses are looking for smart strategies to weather a downturn. Our own Christina Robbins dives into the economy: what you can expect to happen over the next 12-18 months and what strategies can help your business thrive despite what happens with the overall economy. Don’t miss this quick read for close to a dozen smart business strategies for resellers, office equipment dealers, and more.

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Hey technology sellers…did you know that the cyber security market is projected to grow by nearly 240% in the next decade?

This makes boosting your knowledge in the area of data protection crucial for your business. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Read this article from Christina Robbins to uncover the six essential security staples that you should be selling to aid organizations in safeguarding their data effectively. From healthy password practices to paid protection solutions, learn what’s important in beefing up security infrastructure and mitigating the risk of cyber incidents.

Are you feeling down in the dumps over a recent setback?

Brighten your day with this article featuring 20 resiliency ideas from some of the world’s best leaders, including one from our own Christina Robbins. Learn to better process and grow from life’s inevitable setbacks. You’ll emerge stronger than ever!

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Welcome to the first installment of ‘Two Question Tuesday’ with Bryant Duhon of Infosource! This episode of Two Question Tuesday features Digitech Systems’ own Christina Robbins, who speaks on the topic of microservices.

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