Information management tech delivers a win-win

How can the right technology partner help meet customers’ evolving office needs and generate new recurring revenue for resellers and dealers? (“The more you can shift to recurring, the easier your life will be,” notes the authors of “7 Reasons to Develop Recurring Revenue for Your Small Business – Founders CDC.”)

Waltz Case Study

Office equipment dealer Waltz Business Solutions faced similar questions in recent years. Its response included teaming with Digitech Systems to expand its offerings to include the PaperVision®.com cloud information management service and other Digitech Systems products.

Founded in 1892, Waltz Business Solutions is the nation’s fifth-oldest office equipment dealer. Based in the Cincinnati, OH, suburb of Crestview Hills, KY, the family-run company credits its longevity to its ability to evolve to meet customers’ changing office needs.

In searching for a technology partner, Waltz Business Solutions sought a company with an acclaimed product lineup and a proven track record of helping resellers and dealers generate recurring revenue. In Digitech Systems, it found a partner that can deliver significant benefits for customers and, by Waltz’s estimates, a projected $100,000 a year in additional recurring revenue.

How can you reach your business goals by offering a complete information management product suite that meets the evolving needs of customers and creates a new stream of recurring revenue for you? Download and read the Waltz Business Solutions reseller story to learn about the opportunities presented by and the Digitech Systems product suite.

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