How Will Offering Artificial Intelligence Grow Your Business?

Since adding Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities, Digitech Systems partner, NECS, has been able to steadily grow their business and build revenue.

How Can Automation Improve Your AP Department?

MSI Mold Builders digitized their AP processes and cut down on processing time for invoices received monthly.

How Can Your Institution Regain Control Of Information?

San Diego Christian College has utilized automated processes to enhance control of their student records, increasing security.

Do You Want To Expand Your Business Into New Markets?

Offering a complete product suite enables Digitech Systems partner, MuniMetriX, to expand into new markets and grow their business.

How Can Your Scan Bureau Grow Business?

New England Document Solutions (NEdocs) offers the Digitech Systems product suite to enhance operations at its scanning bureau and to meet the expanding needs of their customers resulting in an increase in revenue for the organization.

Is Your Healthcare Organization Suffering From a Technology Gap?

The Human Development Center moved away from paper charts gracefully with ImageSilo®. Today, the center locates documents two weeks faster and saves thousands of dollars in the process each year!

Would You Like to Improve Your Financial Office Productivity?

Two Rivers Financial Group, Inc. (TRFG) utilizes Intelligent Automation (IA) to streamline processes and improve staff productivity.

Would Your Business Like to Increase Revenue and Your Produtivity?

By offering the Digitech Systems product suite, Records Consultants Inc. was able to drastically increase overall productivity and grow revenue by $200,000 just a couple of months after becoming a partner.

How Can Automation Improve Your Scan Bureaus Accuracy?

Digitech Systems partner, DataXport increases productivity by 10% and saves $350,000 by adding intelligent automation to their scanning processes.

How Can You Streamline Your AP Processes?

Terrus Real Estate Group automates invoice approval processes with PaperVision® Capture, reducing invoice retrieval times and saving staff over a thousand productivity hours each year.