Records Consultants Inc LogoIn order to remain competitive and keep up with evolving customer demands, service bureaus must include automated scanning and secure online document access in their offerings. Organizations that fail to offer these capabilities risk not only losing current customers but also risk falling behind their competitors. Offering scanning and secure electronic document access will increase your organizations overall productivity and revenues enabling you to grow.

Founded in 1985, Records Consultants, Inc. (RCI) is a records management company that started out as a warehouse for clients to store physical documents. Over the years, as industry technology and customer expectations evolved, their clients began to request imaging and scanning services. These increasing customer demands forced leadership to begin looking into scanning and imaging software in order to not only retain their current customers but to also remain competitive in the document management industry. Initially, RCI would scan customers’ documents and then relied on another vendor to index information, perform quality control, and send the data to the customer. Leadership quickly realized this was not the right solution because if the third-party business made an error, it reflected negatively on them. RCI leadership wanted full control of the entire process, from initial scanning to client delivery and began looking for a solution that provided these capabilities.

After looking at potential options, RCI leadership decided that the Digitech Systems product suite would enable them full control of documents from initial scanning, all the way through storage and became a partner in 2012. Now, once a box of physical documents is received from a client, staff uses PaperVision® Capture to scan and automatically index information into their on-site document management system, PaperVision® Enterprise, enabling customers the ability to electronically access their information. Through partnering with Digitech Systems and by implementing their new system, RCI has increased overall productivity across the entire organization and have seen drastic growths in revenue.

"We just decided that we had to control the paper from the scanning to the delivery of the image. That’s why we decided to become a reseller. Now we can provide our clients with document imaging services, plus an on-going records management strategy as more and new documents are added. Digitech Systems provided the platform that can take us to the next level, and allow us to make more money in the process."

-Dan Gibbens, CEO and President, Records Consultants Inc