How Can Your Scan Bureau Grow Business?

nedocs logoMany scanning bureau owners are realizing that in order to continue to grow business and meet evolving customer needs, they must offer scanning capabilities that are able to accommodate any customer need. If your scanning bureau is still using manual data entry to process clients’ documents, you could be falling behind your competitors. Adding Intelligent Automation (IA) to your scanning bureau will eliminate costly manual steps, increase staff productivity and revenue for your business.

New England Document Systems (NEdocs) has been a Digitech Systems reseller since 1999, offering document management and business process solutions to customers in the New England region. They use PaperVision® Capture to scan and automatically index information using IA, PaperFlow, to route scanned documents directly into PaperVision® Enterprise, an on-premise document management solution, or ImageSilo®, a cloud-based document management solution, allowing secure access for customers to their records.

NEdocs leadership team credits the Digitech Systems product suite as a huge factor for the success of their business. The flexible solution they were able to create has increased productivity in their scan bureau and allows the organization to meet any customer need, resulting in increased revenue for the business. By partnering with a software vendor who is committed to helping the success of their resellers, NEdocs saw profits start to rise within one month of becoming a Digitech Systems partner.

"We can attribute such a high volume of success directly to Digitech Sytems because we do not offer multiple document management and scanning products like many other document solution providers. Instead, we have set our focus on a product line that we truly believe in and support unconditionally. By providing us with a suite of industry-leading tools, Digitech Systems outfitted us for immediate and continued success."

– Nick Brattan, CEO, New England Document Systems