Offering an exceptional customer service experience is essential for a successful business. This is especially true for software companies, where customers rely on technical support for help. If customers do not have an enjoyable experience, it is likely they will look to do business elsewhere. When you offer products from multiple vendors, what should be a normal call for support usually is not a fun or memorable experience; because vendors will often point fingers saying the issue is due to the others technology. Not to mention, you probably have to wait on hold or worse send an email that doesn’t get a reply for days. Don’t let technical support become an aggravating and time-consuming process that could cause you to lose customers.

Use this infographic to learn how through offering a complete product suite from a single vendor, you will decrease the likelihood of an unenjoyable technical support experience. This infographic explains how as a Digitech Systems reseller, you will no longer dread calling technical support. This infographic is full of stats about our technical support team that will have you agreeing that they really are legendary. Our support team understands that if you are calling, things probably aren’t going very well and we are committed to helping you get back up and running; in fact, 87% of the cases we open are closed on that very same day! With this infographic you will learn:

  • why working with multiple software vendors makes for difficult technical support experiences
  • what types of technology is included in a complete information management product suite
  • how, as a Digitech Systems reseller, you can offer a complete and feature-rich information management product suite from one vendor, improving your technical support.
  • why Digitech Systems’ support team is an industry leader and often referred to as “legendary”

Download this infographic to learn how you can offer a complete product suite and an industry-leading technical support team as a Digitech Systems reseller.

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