Is Your Critical Data Trapped in Forms?

Many organizations are trying to become the "paperless office," but many are still struggling with the overflowing paper-based information at hand. No matter the industry or the organization there are forms and documents for various transactions that hold critical information. Documents are the heart of every business. According to AIIM, 29% of businesses are processing more than 1,000 forms per business day (250,000 forms per year). Information and data of all types are dispersed across different applications and desktops throughout the business causes information management to become very overwhelming.

For most the challenge is sorting the documents and retrieving the critical data out of each document or form. What if you did not have to manually sort documents and hand type index terms manually? Get the most out of your data by extracting your data through machine learning technology for business users.

Digitech Systems is the first company to bring machine learning to document management users and the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) industry. PaperVision® Forms Magic™ learns by ingesting documents and develops its own patterns for classification making it faster and easier to set up than outdated forms processing technologies. Also by relying on many more data points than other forms processing options when making classification decisions, Forms Magic also offers dramatically, more accurate results. 

The benefits of extracting your data with the Forms Magic technology improves the accessibility of information ensuring documents get classified appropriately, and can be located more quickly when needed. Dramatically simplify your process of getting your information into a usable format for business process today!

For more information download this infographic!