Scanning & Capture

Are you prepared to take on the competetition?

Traditional strategies to capture information don’t enable today’s digital transformation initiatives including automation, cloud and cybersecurity. Scanning and hand-keying data slows business processes and costs too much. Effective capture strategies go beyond your scanner. Intelligent digitization allows you to:

Capture any content including paper documents or electronic files and any type of information including invoices, contracts, claims, receipts, etc.

Extract key data automatically from the document as it’s processed—without lifting a finger!

Use digital content to enable critical competitive strategies such as cloud, artificial intelligence, process automation, and data security.

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Are you still hand-keying data from scanned documents?

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PaperVision® Capture, coupled with PaperVision® Forms Magic Technology, uses patented artificial intelligence (AI) to automatically sort documents by type and to extract important information so you no longer spend time or money manually entering data.

"You can’t automate something you can’t read or look at. PaperVision® Capture and PaperVision® Forms Magic™ enabled us to access the critical information we need. Being able to extract the data with artificial intelligence has enabled us to automate our entire business process, saving more than $3 million annually.”

Tony Brown, Director of Innovation and Tools, Arvato

Can Records Management Help Your Business?

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What if you could transform the way you process procurement contracts? Watch this video to see how Cooperative Educational Services (CES) were able to easily digitize their processes to offer clients and vendors a fully eProcurement experience, speeding member service and improving information accuracy.

Man and robot handshake, blue

RPA Infographic

Why is RPA such a hot term in technology right now? Because this emerging technology is able to help businesses save time and money by automating repetitive, rules-based tasks that are normally performed by a human through electronic user accounts called “bots”. Download this RPA infographic to learn more about RPA and how this technology can help your organization improve business processes.


Document Imaging of the Southwest Reseller Story – Video

The types of business technologies customers are looking to purchase is quickly evolving from simple digitization capabilities, to process automation. Watch this video as Document Imaging of the Southwests’ Director of Production, Tsenre Deveraux, explains how you can help your customers meet their business technology needs now and in the future by offering the PaperVision® product suite.


Document Imaging Of The Southwest (DISW) Reseller Story

Document Imaging of the Southwest was able to improve productivity and increase revenue by 50% as a Digitech Systems reseller!


What is Robotic Process Automation (RPA)?

Learn about how RPA, BPA, and IA can help you to save time and money by automating your business processes.

Remote learning or work. Video conference concept.

Telework Infographic

With telework quickly becoming a norm in the business world, organizations are looking to implement technologies that help their remote and home-based employees securely collaborate to get the job done anywhere they’re working. This infographic outlines the technologies you need for effective telework within your organization.