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Traditional strategies to capture information don’t enable today’s digital transformation initiatives including automation, cloud and cybersecurity. Scanning and hand-keying data slows business processes and costs too much. Effective capture strategies go beyond your scanner. Intelligent digitization allows you to:

Capture any content including paper documents or electronic files and any type of information including invoices, contracts, claims, receipts, etc.

Extract key data automatically from the document as it’s processed—without lifting a finger!

Use digital content to enable critical competitive strategies such as cloud, artificial intelligence, process automation, and data security.

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Are you still hand-keying data from scanned documents?

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PaperVision® Capture, coupled with PaperVision® Forms Magic Technology, uses patented artificial intelligence (AI) to automatically sort documents by type and to extract important information so you no longer spend time or money manually entering data.

"You can’t automate something you can’t read or look at. PaperVision® Capture and PaperVision® Forms Magic™ enabled us to access the critical information we need. Being able to extract the data with artificial intelligence has enabled us to automate our entire business process, saving more than $3 million annually.”

Tony Brown, Director of Innovation and Tools, Arvato

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Capture is Essential to Automation Infographic

Businesses are striving to automate processes to improve efficiency and save money. However, you can’t automate if you can’t capture. Download this infographic to learn how the intelligent capabilities of PaperVision® Capture helps any business start managing their information effectively to enable process automation.


PaperVision® Capture Infographic

Capture, integrate, and distribute documents AND data quickly and efficiently with PaperVision Capture!


Automation Market Growth Infographic

Business today are struggling to control their data with manual processes as the amount of information grows. Process automation is the key to simplifying and streamlining processes to control data growth! This infographic shows how quickly data is growing, why businesses are looking for data automation, and how certain technology meets data automation needs.


What Should You Know About Digitization? Infographic

If you want to stay ahead of competitors who are already automating processes, you need to know how to digitize business information effectively. This infographic explains key concepts of digitization and explains how digitizing your information will benefit your organization.


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Learn how offering the PaperVision® product suite enabled this business owner to evolve his business from selling print hardware services, to providing high caliber clients with comprehensive A-to-B, creation to destruction, enterprise content management (ecm) solutions.

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Document Options Ltd. became the forefront of the business automation movement in the UK, with the ability to customize offers for any industry department need.