Document Imaging of the Southwest (DISW) started out as a small scanning bureau helping organizations convert paper-based documents to electronic files. The state of New Mexico has historically been slower at converting to cutting-edge business technology, but the DISW team is starting to see that trend change. Now, customers are looking to further reduce business costs by automating time-consuming tasks like manual data entry and approval processes, such as invoices. Furthermore, organizations are now looking for tools and technology that help them effectively collaborate while working from remote settings.

Thanks to their partnership with Digitech Systems, DISW is able to offer a complete product suite that meets the evolving information management and process automation needs of their customers. Watching this video, you’ll learn how offering a complete product suite and the technologies their customers want has helped DISW achieve many of their business goals since becoming a Digitech Systems reseller such as:

  • Increase revenue by 55% since becoming a reseller.
  • Stabilize cash flow with shorter sales cycles and recurring revenue.
  • Streamline scanning processes by 40% despite scanning millions of pages annually.
  • Serve as a one-stop-shop for digitization, automation, and information management needs.

“ImageSilo® has revolutionized many of our customers’ ability to work from home. We are pleased that so many of them took the step into the digital world before the COVID-19 pandemic occurred. It would have been impossible for most of them to continue business as usual without the help of the Digitech Systems product suite.

- Tsenre Deveraux, CFO and Director of Production, Document Imaging of the Southwest

Press play below to hear from DISW’s Director of Production, Tsenre Deveraux, as she explains how to help your customers meet their information management needs now and in the future by offering process automation and digitization, helping you increase revenue, and growing your customer base.

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