Organizations are generating more information than ever before. The IDC predicts the world’s data volume will grow to 175ZB by 2025. Without a proper information management plan and system in place, organizations risk falling victim to information chaos, or the inability to find the information you need when you need it. Information chaos is harmful because it slows down response times to customer requests, frustrates employees, and costs businesses money on lost time spent looking for information. The best way to prevent information chaos is by implementing a cloud information management system that securely stores your documents for immediate retrieval when you need them.

Unfortunately, paper documents can’t be managed within a cloud information management system. Thankfully, scanning applications like PaperVision Direct makes it easy for organizations to turn their paper documents into a useful digital file that can be securely managed in the cloud. Implementing a scanning application that sends information directly into your cloud system not only helps your organization avoid information chaos, it also streamlines your business processes by making your data accessible when you need it, saving you time and money.

Worried about a difficult installation processes? Don’t be! PaperVision Direct is a simple install, allowing you to start scanning documents right from your own desk using your existing scanners and multi-function devices (MFD). Don’t fear the growing volume of data to come, prepare for it.

What if you could scan documents right into your cloud information management system?


By downloading this product sheet, you’ll learn all about the features, capabilities, and business problems PaperVision Direct helps organizations solve, including: 

  • Why and how the product features are perfect for your business
  • Six problems the product helps businesses solve
  • Technical specifications and system requirements

Download this product sheet to learn more about how PaperVision Direct helps you quickly and easily upload documents to the cloud.

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