How Does Business Process Automation Help Your Business?

Business process automation (BPA) is a critical component of any size organization's business operations. Poor information management practices can cause process delays, introduce human error and, ultimately, impact revenue. McKinsey and Company says organizations that automate 50% to 70% of a task see results such as:

  • 20%-35% annual cost reduction (average)
  • 50%-60% process time reduction (average)
  • Return on investment “most often” in triple-digit percentages

How can you introduce automation and reduce manual processes?

Digitech Systems offers easy-to-use and incredibly powerful automation solutions that increase productivity, ensure accuracy and compliance, and eliminate time-wasting bottlenecks, all while increasing the bottom line!

Automatically classify complex documents and extract critical information with artificial intelligence-aided PaperVision ® Forms Magic. Eliminate costly and time-wasting inaccuracies from hand-keying data, protect your documents from fraud, and simplify compliance with this powerful automation tool.

Automate repetitive, rules-based tasks with electronic users called ‘bots’ and share data between systems with robotic process automation (RPA).

Automate manual work steps with PaperVision® Enterprise WorkFlow and save thousands of hours of productivity across the organization. Plus, eliminating hand deliveries and slow approval processes means more time to focus on strategic tasks, improving morale and making your customers happy.

Improve your understanding of how business process automation works by visiting our Business Process Automation web page and watching this informative video:

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