What if your business processes were completed faster and with a higher rate of accuracy? RPA allows your organization to automate routine tasks through the use of specialized software programs, or electronic user accounts called “bots." These "bots" log into your software and perform repetitive, rules-based tasks that are normally performed by humans.

45% of work activities can be automated, according to Pricewaterhouse Coopers. While manual processes are time-consuming, insecure, and costly, RPA can be used to speed up processes, ensure accuracy of data, and help to free up your own employees’ time for more valuable tasks. This leads to happier employees, lower turnover, and higher morale within your organization. Not only can employees focus on more interesting and fulfilling work, they’ll be able to access the information they need faster and more efficiently. This leads to increased productivity and improved customer service!

You might be asking yourself... HOW?

In this video, you will see RPA in action as it takes invoice data automatically extracted and enters it into the accounting system for further processing. This data entry task would usually be time-consuming and tedious, but takes the RPA bot just a few seconds. What kind of tasks could you automate with RPA? Watch this RPA demo for some inspiration!