For most hospitals, providing the best quality of patient care is their number one priority. However, many medical centers still process patient records on paper, which can be a time-consuming task that leaves confidential information at risk. See how Wray Hospital was able to improve patient care while saving time and money.

Wray Hospital and Clinic is a critical access rural hospital serving a population of over 10,000 people in Yuma County, Colorado. They deliver care to around 8,500 patients a year and they were using a paper-based intake process. “Sometimes, if the files were elsewhere, we would have to call the customer back, so we could find the information they needed. It was really taking a toll on our customer service abilities,” said Jennie Sullivan, CEO. They needed to find a secure and effective system that would improve their productivity of the office, improve customer service, and save them money.

Wray Hospital and Clinic worked with RMMI Digital Document Solutions, a Digitech Systems reseller. Today, Wray Hospital and Clinic manages all patient accounting and accounts payable files electronically. By managing files electronically, they have been able to improve customer service, securely protect files, and save money.

See what other benefits they have gained!