Businesses of all types and sizes face different challenges with data pertaining to their industry. According to Database Trends & Applications, “80% of workers regularly can’t locate files when they need them.” Businesses may be constrained to desktops or corporate networks that do not offer speedy, simple, searchable access from anywhere. They may be challenged with document storage limitations. Some may run into difficulties with sharing information with other line-of-business applications. The most common challenge for businesses is securely protecting critical information to ensure compliance and the trust of their clients.

Managing business information is becoming even more of a challenge due to constant data growth and a sudden shift to widespread remote work. Employees require the ability to easily access the files they need to do their jobs, no matter where they’re working. Without the proper tools in place, employees often turn to temporary solutions to keep their files accessible, such as sending self-addressed emails with their work files attached. Unfortunately, these workaround methods are inefficient, disorganized, and lack the proper security that is required to keep your organization’s business information safe.

What if your business could implement a single system to improve efficiency? Increase productivity and provide excellent customer service by implementing the simple, searchable Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system: PaperVision® Enterprise.

Stay ahead of your competition in this fast-moving industry and win new customers by streamlining your document processes with leading-edge technology. 

Automate manual processes, securely protect sensitive financial information, and start saving money today. Download this helpful infographic to learn how PaperVision Enterprise offers your organization the ability to securely manage and retrieve your information.


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