The most important data is the data you need right now. We make that happen.

Automated report management gives you the power to generate and access reports, data and other information from any document, anywhere, anytime.

Isn’t that better than shuffling endlessly through paper reports and data sheets? Or scrambling to find documents you filed away only to forget where you put them? And that's if you remember they exist?

Yeah, we think so, too.

The demand is great:

  • U.S. businesses spend $8 billion annually managing printed reports, PwC says.
  • 24% believe they could benefit from turning print streams into searchable electronic documents, according to the Association for Information and Image Management.
  • And companies know print isn’t as safe as some might think. Sixty percent of them report being affected by a print data breach, according to 2019 report by TechRadar.


PaperVision® Enterprise Report Management lets you easily convert print streams to electronic reports. Use a single system to create, index, display, distribute and store. A powerful search function finds what you need fast. To set up a project, it’s as easy as point and click.

The system is "very powerful and extremely easy to use," says Steve Todd, director of business at Polar Imaging Inc. "Once configured, it just works. With thousands of invoices to manage every week, we use it daily and can process invoices in seconds."

The benefits in productivity and cost savings are significant.

Chris Wallace, systems manager at Cardell Cabinetry, says "we have more than doubled productivity. Now we spend less time processing invoices and more time serving our customers."

Paul Dabbs, vice president of services for C.F. Biggs Company Inc., says customers "realize a bigger ROI (return on investment) and faster time to value. It serves as the base application for most of our fully automated processes."

Contact us today if you’re ready to make your data easier to manage and more accessible as electronic reports. Download this helpful infographic to learn more about how PaperVision Electronic Report Management helps digitize and automate report processing.

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