Digitech Systems enables businesses of any size to securely manage, retrieve, and store information more effectively. Delivering any document anywhere, anytime, on virtually any device, our software and services improve efficiency, boost security and control, and save organizations money.

Technology can help healthcare providers improve practice efficiency and stay focused on patient care and results. Find out how Digitech Systems leverages artificial intelligence to assist doctors with medical records challenges.
Do you like your doctor? Turns out 96% of us trust their medical skills, but hate the customer service they provide! ECM can streamline patient care and improve customer service by bridging the gap between paper records and an EMR. At MHCD, they’re saving more than $225,000 annually thanks to the practice efficiencies created by their ECM and EHR combo.
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For imaging VARs, a focus on hardware and scanning services may be limiting growth potential. Our own Christina Robbins shares how a simple shift in how you help customers diagnose their challenges may open new sales opportunities…and it’s easier than you’re thinking!
Digitech PaperVision Forms Magic OA Cropped
Buyer’s Laboratory recognizes PaperVision Forms Magic Technology with an Outstanding Achievement in Innovation Award for moving the forms processing industry forward. Check out why their analysts call our artificial intelligence engine “a touch of magic.”
With the attention that the growth of big data is receiving, it can be easy to overlook the value of information currently stored in paper documents. HK Bain explains how to leverage both digital and paper-based content for smarter decisions.
Our CEO, HK Bain, explains how colleges must better manage information in order to stay relevant as their marketplace evolves. Find out why he says artificial intelligence based technologies are key.