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Information Management and Automation Forecast to Return 16 Weeks of Worker Time Per Year

Economists are forecasting continued slow growth in the economy throughout 2023. As we reassess our organizations, three technologies offer simple ways to boost internal efficiencies and right-size technology spend to better match the capabilities we really use. Read more…

Did you know that the Accounts Payable (AP) automation market is projected to grow by nearly $4.5 billion in the next decade? Don’t wait on getting ahead! Our own Christina Robbins dives into the opportunities present in AP automation and how businesses can save precious time and money through the addition of AP automation.

It’s a new age of technology! With technical tools once considered as “cutting-edge” becoming more and more stale, it’s time to start getting familiar with the new wave of cutting edge. Ralph Gammon at @InfoSource has you covered with this article written about the insertion of AI into Capture technology. Learn how companies like Digitech Systems are utilizing Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) in their products to change the way we are approaching Capture.

The warmer weather and longer days of spring are here, and with them many of us like to spring clean our homes. Do you clean at the office too? This Fast Company article offers 11 ideas to spruce up your office and refresh your mind, including one from our own Christina Robbins. Get inspired.

The Pandemic has produced a new breed of customer who is more autonomous and digitally-driven than ever before—even for B2B products and services. This article from Christina Robbins offers three specific strategies to help you meet the needs of today’s buyer and optimize your revenue potential. It’s not as hard as you think!

It can be tough to cut through the clutter of a crowded news cycle to understand which trends really matter for your business. As you gaze forward into 2023, this article from our own Christina Robbins offers an explanation of how key trends are affecting buying behavior. Understanding what your business is uniquely good at and how to build trusting customer relationships can lead to your best year yet. Plus, the article offers three specific strategies designed for companies that sell information management technologies. Check it out.

This roundup of trends from some veterans of the office technology space offers fantastic insights and helpful suggestions for your strategic planning for 2023, including two thoughts from our own Christina Robbins.

Struggling to pick yourself up after a failure? You’re not alone! As hard as it is, we all know mistakes are also an opportunity to regroup and emerge stronger than before. Read this article for tips, including one from our own Christina Robbins, on how to keep moving forward after a failure.

The re-architecting of technology delivery known as composable (Gartner), flexible consumption (Deloitte), and microservices is picking up steam. This article summary offers insight into an interview Document Imaging Report conducted with Christina Robbins. Are you ready to make the switch?

By 2025, half of all current work tasks will be performed by artificial intelligence (AI). More and more workers are leaving the workforce as part of the Great Resignation. If you’re struggling to retain and attract new workers, check out this article from our own Christina Robbins.