Were you behind the curve in adopting cloud services? What made you convert from software to cloud? Did you know we launched our first cloud product, ImageSilo®, in 1999?

Between 2000 and 2015, more than half of the world’s technology load shifted from on-premises, network-based software to secure, online cloud services, with more continuing to convert every year. Why? The change altered the way we pay for the technologies that are critical to our business successes. A recurring monthly fee is accounted for differently and, in many cases, is easier to pay than the more traditional lump sum licensing fee we were used too.

We’re delighted to be featured in the Dec 13, 2022 edition of Document Imaging Report, produced by the analysts with Infosource. In the five page article, based on an interview conducted with our Vice President of Strategic Communications and Marketing, Christina Robbins, Infosource explores the developing trend toward composable technology, also called micro services. Just like cloud, this re-architecting of the ways companies access and pay for Document Imaging Reporttechnology will ultimately change revenue patterns for resellers and office technology dealers everywhere.

What are Microservices?

Whether you prefer the term micro services, composable technology, or flexible consumption, the idea of architecting software to allow consumers to activate and buy capabilities in much smaller bundles—as opposed to buying licenses for whole products—will move past theoretical conversations and into reality.

It’s an idea that appeals to technology manufacturers, because it can save them R&D and development dollars on little used features (Pendo estimates as much as $29.5 billion annually).1 It’s attractive to users, because they are able to tailor tech spending to exactly the feature set that their organization needs while minimizing expense wasted on little-used capabilities.

How will the Change Impact You?

When customers shift to only paying for technology they actually consume, your revenue patterns will also shift. It’s likely that you’ll earn smaller monthly payments as customers eliminate capabilities that were previously bundled into licenses but went unused by their employees. In addition, the pay-per-use nature of micro services means income will vary more from month to month depending on how much customers use particular features or capabilities.

To maximize revenue in this coming technology delivery model, you’ll need to partner closely with customers to ensure they have access to every feature they need and that they understand how to get the most value out of what they use. It’s an opportunity to increase trust and partnership.

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