In this Fast Company article, 16 experts weigh in on diverse strategies to help company leaders navigate and future-proof their businesses in an ever-changing and unstable marketplace. Our own Christina Robbins talks about microservices and how they might be the key to limiting tech burdens for your business.

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Emerging trend in tech comes with evolving terminology

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Gain a better understanding of microservices and microtransactions-based billing and how they are impacting the way information management services are developed, sold and purchased.

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Welcome to the first installment of ‘Two Question Tuesday’ with Bryant Duhon of Infosource! This episode of Two Question Tuesday features Digitech Systems’ own Christina Robbins, who speaks on the topic of microservices.

Familiar with the term “composable technology?” This article from our own Christina Robbins will teach you about this new software architecture and how it’s likely to change sales, support, and even revenue patterns for resellers in the future. Prepare now and thrive!

The re-architecting of technology delivery known as composable (Gartner), flexible consumption (Deloitte), and microservices is picking up steam. This article summary offers insight into an interview Document Imaging Report conducted with Christina Robbins. Are you ready to make the switch?