We love all the trends articles that show up this time of year! This roundup of thoughts from some veterans of the office technology space offers fantastic insights and helpful suggestions for your strategic planning for 2023. Two thoughts from our own Christina Robbins:

Prediction #1: Composable Technology Hits an Important Inflection Point for ECM

Whether you prefer the term micro services, composable technology, or flexible consumption, the idea of architecting software to allow consumers to activate and buy capabilities in much smaller bundles—as opposed to buying licenses for whole products—will hit an important inflection point over the next several months. Though we’ve been talking about it for a while, in 2023 micro services will move past theoretical conversations and into reality.

Prediction #2: B2B Follows the Trend Toward Online Purchasing in a Big Way

The latest research indicates that some of our pandemic behaviors are becoming permanent, and it’s about to impact B2B sales in a big way. As consumers, most of us purchase products online, but in the business buying space, the internet was largely used only for initial research to create a short list of possible vendors and to compile a wish list of requirements. That is changing, says leadership group Vistage. They report that customers now prefer to complete 70% of the buying cycle without having to speak with a human being![1] The only thing they want to talk with technology salespeople about is how to customize a product they’ve already selected for their unique environment. Is your online presence robust enough to satisfy tomorrow’s customer? Is your sales team prepared for their changing role in technology buying?

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[1] Emmer, Marc, et al. (2021). Marketing Matters: Responding to Changes in Buyer Behavior. Vistage. Retrieved from www.vistage.com.