What if you Could Securely Access your Data From Anywhere?

Organizations that have not moved to the cloud face issues such as wasting time searching for files, data loss in a disaster, data breaches, or simply not focusing on their customers' needs. Ponemon Institute reports each lost or stolen record costs $154-$158, and the total average cost of a data breach is $4 million! Storing files locally only slows productivity and can be extremely costly. Transitioning to the cloud enterprise content management (ECM) system is no longer an optional business strategy, but a necessity to ensure your data is secure, compliant and safe. 

The benefit of the cloud versus on-premise solutions continues to grow. Cloud provides greater ROI, faster returns, and lower costs. Hear it from expert Rebecca Wettemann of Nucleus Research directly, "The financial benefits of moving to the cloud are clear - as are the security and the reliability benefits. With cloud delivering 3.2 times ROI of on-premise applications with lower initial and ongoing costs, and the environmental benefit, of going clouds it's hard to argue against the cloud."

ImageSilo® offers a sophisticated organization to improve organizational efficiencies while maintaining very complex security requirements. Electronically manage files to improve efficiency, securely control access to information, and save money by eliminating IT costs with the world's most-trusted cloud ECM system.

Get your head in the cloud already! Have access to Any Document. Anywhere. Anytime.®

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