Modernize your Business Processes with Robotic Process Automation

What is Robotic Process Automation (RPA)?

RPA uses “bots” (electronically controlled software user accounts) to log into applications and perform routine tasks like data entry or researching and correlating information across multiple systems, replacing the human effort previously required.

Now, instead of routing information from human to human to perform the tasks required to complete a business process, RPA allows companies to automate both the routing of information and the tasks themselves.

RPA is best used for repetitive, rules-based tasks, that center around structured information (such as in a relational database). For example, if you have to perform data-entry for invoices in Accounts Payable or research and compare financial data in two systems for the Finance department, RPA could be used to automate both of these tasks. 

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Did you know that automation could free up to 65% of your employees' time for more valuable tasks, according to GrandView Research?

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We make RPA easy!

Our Process Automation Tools utilize RPA and Intelligent Automation to help you streamline repetitive processes. Explore our three products below.

PaperVision® Automation Manager

The PaperVision Automation Manager allows you to create an electronic “user”, or bot, who logs into your applications to perform tasks that were previously done by human users—and he works nonstop!

PaperVision® Integration Manager

This tool allows you to pull images from your repository into your line-of-business (LOB) application as well as update index information for those images on-the-fly without switching back and forth between applications.

PaperVision® Integration Definitions

If you just want to retrieve and display documents associated with a particular record in you LOB application, PaperVision Integration Definitions make it point-and-click easy to “image enable” any line-of-business application.

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