Manual processes are slow and time-consuming, limiting business growth and hindering employee productivity. How much time and money would your business save if all your employees’ mundane tasks were completed in minutes by bots? With this RPA product definitions and usage scenarios presentation, you can see how easy it could be to make a lasting impact on your business. 

RPA is the automation of rules-based processes with structured data to facilitate sharing of information between applications. A “bot” user can be created to log into applications and perform tasks that were previously performed by human users. Business processes are streamlined by automatically routing data through workflows. Working nonstop, “robot” workers help to improve customer service, invoice processing, hiring and onboarding new employees, record keeping, and more. Organizations that implement RPA solutions see extensive benefits such as reduced labor costs, time savings, and improved data accuracy.

When manual processes are automated, your employees’ time is freed up for more fulfilling and higher-valued tasks. Working side-by-side with bot users, human employees can access the information they need more quickly. It’s no wonder that over 80% of organizations that have implemented RPA indicated a happier workforce and improved productivity, according to Deloitte.1

Learn how our Robotic Process Automation solutions, PaperVision® Integration Manager and PaperVision® Automation Manager, can simplify any business process with this useful presentation. Inside you’ll learn:

  • Benefits of integration with Line of Business (LOB) Applications.
  • Common applications of our RPA solutions, PIM and PAM.
  • How RPA improves accuracy and eliminates errors associated with manual processing.
  • The meaning and usefulness of “bot” users.

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