Ready for a crash course in digitization and automation?

Tune into this webinar hosted by Digitech Systems’ Mike Randash! In this easy to understand session, Mike provides a summary to the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) cycle and its components. Mike also takies a more in-depth look into Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and the benefits to having a fully automated processing system. If you are a company or individual that experiences the headaches of misplaced data and documents this short webinar could be the answer to your problems!

One Step Scan, Store, and Secure Business Process Automation Tool Released for Free

Digitech Systems announced today a free technology that automatically sweeps electronic files from network directories, digital desktops, and scanners into the company’s Enterprise Content Management software (ECM), PaperVision® Enterprise, and cloud-based content services ImageSilo® and PaperVision®.com

'Like facial recognition for documents'

Are manual processes and outdated information management tools slowing your business? Automate document classification and data extraction with PaperVision® Forms Magic™ technology. End slow and costly manual data entry, eliminate typing errors, speed access to information and save money.

What Have We Accomplished This Past 5 Years?

Our forms automation solution Forms Magic® is celebrating it's 5th anniversary! What has been accomplished with the technology in that relatively short period of time is incredible. From tech awards to multiple organizational success stories, we're eager to share the achievements with you.

Are You Doing Business at The Speed of Paper?

Process inefficiencies can cost your company 30% of its revenue each year! Check out the BPA infographic for useful statistics about how automation is transforming the workplace.

Are your paper-based business processes slowing you down?

This process automation brief will help alleviate any confusion or doubts about Business Process Automation (BPA). Digitech Systems’ automation solution suite will help any enterprise streamline business processes and get ahead of the competition with literally a few clicks a day.