Organizations of all sizes struggle with the burdensome amounts of data, and today the data volumes are exponentially increasing more and more each year. The organizations that have not yet converted to electronic record management are experiencing the operational expenses of storage, wasted-time locating documents, overtime wages, penalties and much more. The records are controlling the organization instead of the other way around. See how United Illuminating (UI) found an affordable solution for their document problems.

UI was established in 1899 and provides electricity and related services to over 333,000 residents in the Connecticut area. Labor-intensive procedures in the accounts payable department was costing them thousands of dollars a year. Additionally, they were running out of room because, in order to comply with federal regulations, they have to keep most documents forever. They needed a permanent archive solution that would make records easily searchable and retrievable to anyone that needed them.

UI worked with Digiscribe International, a Digitech Systems Reseller, to implement ImageSilo® to move all their critical records to the cloud. There is no capital expenditure and allows UI to minimize IT burden by outsourcing hardware, software and maintenance costs. ImageSilo offers sophisticated organization to improve organizational efficiencies while maintaining very complex security requirements, which has helped improve the overall productivity of UI’s business processes. Thanks to ImageSilo, UI has experienced substantial savings with audits and regulatory compliance.